Announcement to the legislators

January 13, 2015

****Announcement to the legislators*****

Here is a copy of another letter that has been sent to all of Nevada’s current legislators by the Coalition. We will be doing this during the session in order to help educate the lawmakers about Nevada’s wildlife and the positive impacts that Nevada’s sporting families have on our wildlife and economy.



Coalition for Nevada’s Wildlife

P. O. Box 70143

Reno, Nevada 89570

Economic Benefits from Sportsmen

Dear “Legislator”

Our last report to the legislators outlined but a few of the many successful wildlife programs accomplished by the partnership of private sportsmen and the Nevada Department of Wildlife. This report summarizes the beneficial economic impacts of sportsmen to the state of Nevada.

37.4 million people over the age of sixteen (16) hunted, fished, or trapped in the United States in 2011.*

Nearly 190,000 Nevadans hunted, fished, and trapped in 2011.*

The number of sportsmen is on the increase.*

For comparison, there are more people who hunt, fish, and trap than go bowling or play basketball.* Even during this economic turn down, sportsmen and women spend a lot of money in pursuit of their sports.

Sportsmen spent ninety billion dollars nationwide in 2011.**

The economic benefit from sportsmen to Nevada is over one billion dollars annually.

In fiscal year 2011 Nevada sporting families contributed thirty-eight million dollars in state sales tax.

Many of the dollars spent by sportsmen in Nevada go to support rural economies in purchases of fuel, lodging, food, guide services, and a myriad of other items.

These figures do not measure the number of us who make Nevada our home because of our unique outdoor opportunities. We could live, build businesses, hire employees, raise families, and pay taxes anywhere, but we choose Nevada because of access to great hunting and fishing.

Sportsmen’s dollars greatly benefit the public in general. We have previously summarized how adoption of the North American Model of Wildlife Management has brought back bighorn sheep, elk, antelope, and black bear from near or total extirpation. Sportsmen’s dollars have made this possible; practically no general taxpayer’s monies are expended.

We are extremely proud of not only our accomplishments, but also of our role in providing the funding to allow the successful management, protection, and enhancement of our wildlife resources. All Nevadans have benefited.


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 2011 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation, 2012


Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, America’s Sporting Heritage: Fueling the American Economy, 2012



The Coalition for Nevada’s Wildlife

Larry J. Johnson – President (also Director, Nevada Bighorns Unlimited – Reno)

Tom Smith – Vice President (also Director, Truckee River Flyfishers)

Mike Bertoldi – Treasurer (also Chairman, Mason Ortiz Outdoor Youth Skill Camp)

Stacey Trivitt – Director (also President, Carson Valley Chukar Club)

Joel Blakeslee – Director (also President, Nevada Trapper’s Association)

Judi Caron – Director (also Member, Safari Club International, Northern Nevada Chapter)

Jim Puryear – Director (also Member, Nevada Guides and Outfitters Association)

Willie Molini – Director (also Director, Nevada Waterfowl Coalition)

Mike Cassidy – Director (also President, Safari Club International, Northern Nevada)

Les Smith – Director (also State Chairman, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation)

Karen Boeger – Director (also Director, Back Country Hunters and Anglers)

Bob Brunner – Director

The Southern Nevada Wildlife Coalition

Mike Reese – President

Kes Anderson – Vice President

Rachel Anderson – Secretary

John Sullivan – Director (also Vice President, Nevada Trappers Association)

Bill Halvorsen – Director (also Vice President, Fraternity of the Desert Bighorn)

Robert Gaudet – Director (also President, Nevada Wildlife Federation)

Bill DeJunker – Director (also President, Wildlife Habitat in Nevada (WHIN))

Ryan Werner – Director (also President, Nevada Sportsmen Unlimited)

Richard Pabst – Director (also Las Vegas Chapter organizer, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation)

Neil Dille – Director (also Past Treasurer, Las Vegas Woods and Waters)

Joe Luby – Director (also Treasurer, Nevada Firearms Coalition)

Kensen Lee – Director

Michael Guest – Director

Tracy Truman – Director

Paul Dixon – Director

Additional Sportsmen Organizations

Brian Patterson – Past President, Las Vegas Woods and Waters

Brett Jefferson – Wild Sheep Foundation